Ep. 71: Confessions of a NICU Nurse w/ Sam Keirsey, RN BSN




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NICU nurses do what we just can’t do for our babies—and that in and of itself is magical and special and makes me over-the-moon grateful whenever I think about it. And while I’m grateful for all nurses that care for my son, there are certainly nurses that are better at their jobs than others. Better at loving, better at caring, better at making the family’s experience as meaningful and positive as possible.

Sam Keirsey is one of those such exceptional nurses. In this episode, she shares some of her lows and highs, both of which are dripping with love for the babies and families she’s served. She’s held babies as they passed away when parents couldn’t make it in time, and she’s attended birthday parties of thriving NICU grads. With all the ups and downs, she insists that her job loving these babies is full of privilege and transformation.  

nurses at the NICU congratulating
Sam with parent and baby
Sam with baby
Sam with parents and baby
Sam holding a baby
Sam looking at baby in hospital bed
Sam next to Daisy award
2 dogs and a cat
Sam holding a baby

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