Ep. 64: Improvement-triggered Grief




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When your child’s development or health take a turn for the worse, its totally logical for the parents to struggle. Apathy, sadness, overwhelm, darkness, most parents have experienced this reaction at one time or another. But what about when their health takes a turn for the better? What about dropping off therapies and specialists?

It seems like it would be a really straightforward response—happiness, relief, gratitude. And yet, as we’ve been receiving good news for our son, my brain has responded in confusing ways—relief, apathy, gratitude, darkness. Is something wrong with me? No, I’m beginning to realize this is a pretty common thing.

In this episode, I share the complex emotions I’ve experienced as Kimball’s health has been on the up, and the remarkable story of receiving nothing short of miraculous healing which spent me into a spiral.

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