Ep. 63: Medical Bills and Expenses w/ Gina Pola-Money




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Figuring out financial assistance and insurance was one of the most difficult things Gina faced after she was widowed with two young medically-complex sons. After months of back-and-forth, she was finally able to secure the life-sustaining equipment her children required and deserved.

The difficulty in the system inspired her to join an organization dedicated to helping families like ours navigate the medical-financial world. She recently retired after 31 years in the realm.

In this episode, Gina opens up about how difficult the financial battles were, and gives us tons of ideas and resources to give our children the care they deserve.

mother sleeping next to child on the ground
woman outside at night with Utah capital in the backround
woman in front of a white fence next to a sign
4 children excited with broth laying on bed on the ground

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