Ep. 26: The NICU Experience




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For many parents, the NICU is an initiation into the medically complex world. Medical terminology is thrown around with assumed understanding, and tubes and cords protrude their precious infant.

Beyond that, the emotional rollercoaster endured pushes many parents past their limits—and yet here we are.

In this solo episode, I share a bit about what Kimball’s NICU experience was for us, with memories that are relatable for my fellow parents of NICU babes, and eye-opening for the less experienced.

baby in nicu bed and lots of medical equipment
mom with baby in nicu bed
baby with oral feeding tube
Baby in nicu with parents
Baby in nicu bed
crying baby with oral feeding tube and mom
baby in nicu crying with sister and parents
baby in nicu with sister and parents
baby in nicu with sister and parents
baby in nicu with mom and doctor
mom holding baby with feeding tube
parents with baby with feeding tube

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Dec 12 2020, 5:41am

This was a good one. This brought back a lot of memories, and there is a lot of these details that I forgot about. Thanks for sharing these personal stories.

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