Ep. 22: It’s All My Fault




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Finding out I’m a genetic carrier for my son’s syndrome of CDPX1 was a very tough pill to swallow; and it has a whole slew of implications for my life.

It means I caused all of my son’s hugely challenging and life-threatening birth defects. And it also means that each of our children have a 50/50 chance of inheriting the unlucky genes.

Listen to find out what it was like to receive this life-changing news and what we’ve decided to do about it.

Episode Comments

Evelyn Sutherland

Nov 23 2020, 6:57am

My son has CDXP1 as well, we are in New Zealand, rough at the start, but now nearly 13 years old.
I would never give up what we have been through, it’s life changing yes but it makes you stronger.

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