Ep. 21: Giving Back w/ Tara Docekal




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Joining in a cause to uplift and help others in their struggles can be very healing as Tara Docekal, founder of the non-profit organization Mightiest Mamas, knows well.

In this episode, Tara inspires us to look beyond our own challenges and trauma to serve others. She shares how a one-time NICU and antepartum care Christmas gifting event turned into the beginning of her cherished Mightiest Mamas organization.

She gives super practical advice for those wanting to give back in similar ways.

Tara also explains how meaningful it has been to see the impact of their acts of kindness.


Answer question of the month: therarelifepodcast.com  

To donate: hello@mightiestmamas.org

Donate items from Amazon list here.

More about Mightiest Mamas: http://www.mightiestmamas.org/

Mightiest Mamas FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/mightiestmamas/

babies dressed up
baby dressed as batman
babies with sandwich costumes
babies dressed up
woman in hall holding gifts
woman with mask and bags
nurses with gifts
snacks in a box
presents in a box
bags in a car
woman smiling
boxes of gifts

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