Ep. 127: Season 7 Finale + 3 Year Anniversary | How This Podcast Has Changed My Life w/ Juston Cheney




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It’s the very last episode of Season 7! We have clips from every episode this season, listener take-aways, and a very special guest: my husband Juston. This finale is a little different from seasons past because we’re not just celebrating another season, it’s also the third anniversary of the podcast.

To honor that milestone, I’m answering a ton of questions with Juston from this community about what it’s like behind the scenes, how I plan and run the podcast, and how I handle the sometimes heavy topics and stories that I bring to you all week after week.

Not going to lie, this last season and planning for Season 8 have been a little tougher than previous seasons. But this podcast is a labor of love. It’s for all of us: those who wished we had something like this when our children first received their diagnosis and the families who will come after us who can hopefully find space and hope here, instead of feeling scared and alone. And my goal for the future is that we share this podcast far and wide so everyone who needs it will have access.

Finally, make sure you catch our exciting announcement about ways you can connect with other listeners over the summer! If you’ve ever wanted to chat about the topics we cover each week, you’re in luck! Thank you for being here these last three years, and I feel so honored to create even more episodes for you next season.

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