Ep. 121: When Strangers “Just Ask” + How to Handle That w/ Disabled Author James Catchpole




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As parents of medically complex kids, we’ve all been there. We’re at the park or the grocery store with our kid, and someone we don’t know walks up to us and starts asking questions about our child. You might be so put off that you don’t know what to say. Or you might just start saying whatever pops into your head, which can devolve into unintentional oversharing, because we’re often under the impression that it’s rude NOT to answer a question.

But if you’ve ever wanted permission to just not answer invasive questions from strangers, this episode is here to validate you. I’m talking with James Catchpole, author and publisher, about his experience as a disabled adult and how he deflects or simply (but politely) refuses to answers questions from strangers about his disability.

He also shares about his experience as a disabled child and how his parents were able to set a helpful example for how on how to navigate questions about his disability as he grew older. Whether your child will eventually be able to advocate for themselves or if you as the parent will be their advocate indefinitely, this episode will give you lots to think about when it comes to dealing with uncomfortable and invasive questions about your child’s disability or medical status.

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