Ep. 119: Your Child’s Medical Team | How to Push Back, Ask Questions, and Build Your Dream Team w/ Dr. Kelly Fradin, MD




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Of all the skills we have to learn as parents of medically complex children, one of the most difficult is often just finding a medical team that you trust, and that trusts and respects you as well. When it comes to dealing with doctors and other specialists, it can sound like they’re speaking a different language, and we are often coming to the table from two very different perspectives.

So in today’s episode, Dr. Kelly Fradin, MD shares with us how we can better communicate with our child’s medical team and advocate in a way that feels less frustrating. She offers some amazing advice on how to navigate getting second opinions, how to ask questions that get to the root of the issues at hand, and even how to find those seemingly rare physicians who are willing to go above and beyond for our children.

If you’ve been trying to find better ways to work with your child’s medical team, this episode is for you!

And a big thanks to this episode’s sponsor, MOOG Medical, maker of the Infinity pump. If you’ve been frustrated with your child’s assistive feeding devices, go on over to MOOG’s website, take a look at their products, and ask your medical team if their products might work better for you and your child!

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