Ep. 105: Brianna’s Story | Regression, Finding Purpose, and a Nurse-Turned-Medical-Mom




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After struggling with fertility issues for years, Brianna was overjoyed to finally be pregnant, carry the pregnancy to term, and bring home her sweet baby Isaac. As a nurse herself, she understood the risks and complications and possibilities for things that could go awry, but there were never any indications during birth or pregnancy that something was amiss with her son’s health until several months after he was born.

After months of consultations, monitoring, blame from medical staff, and confusion, Brianna and her family were finally given a diagnosis for Isaac that had the potential to change the way they planned for their future family.

In this episode, Brianna tells us what it was like to feel like to have the sense that she was just missing something around her son’s health, especially after such a “perfect” pregnancy and delivery and the difficult journey to receiving his diagnosis.


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Aida Cipriani

Nov 4 2022, 6:49am

Thank you for this episode. It was so heartwarming to hear Brianna in her own words.

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