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For those of you who haven’t heard, we are currently BETWEEN seasons 4 and 5, with a longer break than usual—7 weeks to be exact! I’m using this time to catch up in episode production compassionately and intentionally. I’ll be back in full force with season 5 on January 6th.

But this break is no reason to stop consuming great episodes! I have 72 awesome episodes at your disposal. And each week, I’ll recommend an episode that I think you’ll enjoy. Each of them are under-listened gems that you may have missed, but will be glad to catch. I’m so excited to re-share them with you!

This week’s recommended episode is Ep. 25: EMDR Trauma Therapy w/ Rosey Shaeffermeyer. In it, I chat with my therapist about the trauma therapy that changed my life and allowed me to move through difficult events around Kimball’s medical complexities and birth.

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Ep. 119: Your Child’s Medical Team | How to Push Back, Ask Questions, and Build Your Dream Team w/ Dr. Kelly Fradin, MD


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68: Dipping My Toes into Educational Advocacy