You Know You're a Medical Mom/Dad when...

October 2021 | Question of the Month
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Wow, these responses are SO relatable! Many of us deserve honorary medical certifications, I’m PRETTY sure. Can we make that a thing?

I giggled through a few of them and nodded knowingly through others. I hope you recognize how much you’ve adapted and learned for the sake of these incredible children and sit in that. The learning curve is steep, but man. Look how far you’ve come. 👏

Shoutout to all the parents that contributed to this relatable list! If you think of one that wasn’t mentioned, throw it in the comments! Let’s keep it going. I love these so much. 

"You get anxiety for your friend's 20-week scan because that's when you go get your diagnosis."


"You use a 60ml syringe to baste your food when it's cooking."


"You find a HME in your purse and your kiddo hasn't had a trach in 4 years."


"All systems have completely abandoned your child and you keep on caring for them alone."


"Kid doesn't want to drink Tylenol? No problem, I can push it through their G-tube. Perk!"


"The only PTO you take from work is for doctor's appointments."


"You have a binder of medical handouts and visit summaries."


"You get excited talking about medical things you have learned from your child."


"Your doctors and therapists are saved as favorites in your phone."


"You can watch a medical show and correct the writers on their medical terminology." 


"When your baby's first favorite toy is an oxygen cord."


"Your newsfeed is filled with various therapists for inspiration."


"You look at a healthy newborn amd wonder where the tubes and wires are."


"You have to spell/explain your child's diagnosis for other specialists."


"Someone asks for your child's specialists and you ask if its ok to email the list."


"You have stored a pee specimen in your fridge."


"Every day is a therapy day!


"You count in mL."


"Your kids use big syringes to water the house plants."


"An honor...when as a new grandmother your daughter asks for help..."


"Vomit becomes a bit mundane or at least less surprising."


"When you know HME's are worse than legos when stepped on."


"You choose pajamas based upon what you could wear to the ER."


"You've got a whole bunch of syringes in your purse."


"Saline bullet tops are all over your house. They are worse than glitter, and I swear they multiply!'


"You have a favorite brand of syringe."


"You have a whole folder of notes in your phone just for doctors offices information."


"Your friends immediately ask you for a specialist recommendation."


"You have a medical provider or ICU on your speed dial/ favorites list."


"You're worried the EMTs will do more harm than good if you call 911."


"You know the nurses on a first name basis."


"Find syringes in your wash instead of loose coins."


"When someone asks, 'what's your DME company' and you respond with 'which one do you want?'"


"Poop is a normal topic of conversation."


"You know more than the doctor."


"You find a pulse ox sticker in your purse or a 2x2 split gauze."


"Someone else's kid gets hurt and you pull out your medical mom bag including a suture kit!" 


"You get excited when you see another kid with the same equipment/diagnosis as your kid."


"You have your kid's insurance ID# memorized... And you save doctors' numbers as contacts."


"You find no less than 30 saline bullets in the couch cushions!"


"You love so big you think your heart will break... and it stretches instead."


"You have a hospital go bag and preferences on takeout from places around the hospital."


"Your nervous system forever flipped to hyper vigilance the moment of diagnosis."


"You have a white board calendar, a regular calendar, an iPhone calendar, and a planner."


"You have a bag just for doctor appointments."


"You have a seperate closet full of enteral and medical supplies."


"You're regularly treated like a superhero for just taking care of your child."


"You have the constant feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop... except there have been a hundred shoes already and you have no idea how many more there will be."


"You have a drawers full of syringes."

—@heymomme @raisingrare_wildflowers

"When your kids think staying at Ronald McDonald house is better than a hotel..."


"Your therapist constantly reminds you that your same ole is everyone else's 11."


"You have poseys holding things together all over your place."


"Your two-year-old wants to play 'test blood sugars.'"


"The pharmacists know your name and start grabbing your child's medications before you ask."


"When you go to the hospital and the nurses and staff recognize you."


"You're asked if you are in the medical field when meeting new providers."


"You're used to scheduling appointments six months in advance."


"You're painfully aware of the fragility of life and it makes you both appreciative and terrified."


"You can never have enough syringes."


"You use medical tape for everything as if it's Scotch tape."


"You read medical journals in your free time."


"You have random syringes all over your house."


"You smuggle wine into the hospital in a to-go coffee cup (not healthy behavior; I no longer do this)."


“You keep salt in the bathroom cupboard not just the spice rack for large volume enemas.”


“When pink bullets are in every crevasse of your house/clothing/car!”


“You know the direct flight from every local hospital to the children’s hospital.”


“When you're on first name basis with his pediatrician.”


“When you can’t leave the house without a cart horse for your bag.”


“Anytime you hear beeping in public you think it’s your child’s pump.”

—@tammcsmith, @stinaritt

“When my kid's G-tube falls out at the park and I start doing 'surgery' in the back seat.”


“When you use an eyepatch bandaid because you don’t have a real bandaid on hand.”


"You get excited when you see another child with medical equipment in a store!"

—Sarah H.

"Her doctors and nurses ask if you have a medical background when you’re interacting at appointments/hospital stays.
Also, taking over cares for the nurses because you have more practice with specific skill than they do."

—Libby H.

"Most of your 'favorites' on your cell phone are medical providers."

—Sally M.

"You have the automated response menu numbers memorized for your specialty pharmacy."

—Natalie M.

"You've used micropore tape to wrap up a birthday present when you cant find the cellotape!"

—Anna E.

"Something medical is being done to your child, making them scream cry. The nurses ask you if you’re okay and you’re literally not phased, just hoping they get it done fast and correctly."

—Meg. C

"The nurses joke about you needing your own pair of scrubs."

—Tawny K.

"You use medical jargon like a doctor in every day conversation."

—Abby S.

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