What We Wish We Could Go Back and Tell Ourselves

March 2022 | Question of the Month
mom with baby in the nicu

I asked you what you would go back and tell yourself in the early days after diagnosis/birth. And the responses were amaaaaazing. I wish I could have read through these during that hellish learning curve!!! And honestly, it felt kinda healing reading them even now.

These mini pep talks are gold. ☀

Can I share my personal fave??
"It will be both harder and easier than you imagined. And somehow it will be OK in the end." --@BornByARiver

SO good! 

A huge s/o to all parents who contributed! You da best!

"Hard work doesn't always 'fix' things. Love them exactly as they are in that moment and give yourself endless grace 💛.

You're never going to be the same again, and over time you will realize what a blessing that is 💛."


"Everything will be OK. Just keep holding on."


"Wipe those tears. I know it's scary at first, but you'll be an awesome medical mama."


"Trust your gut! You have what it takes to fight and advocate for him."


"You can do it. It's okay to acknowledge that it's hard."


"This will make you an unshakeable, merciful, and courageous person."


"Breathe, just keep breathing. Be patient. You are stronger than you think."


"Face the facts, and don't forget God's faithfulness💓."


"Work out...and get physically stronger 🤣."


"You won't always feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed."


"He is not going to improve, but oh how you will!"


"Therapies aren't going to make a significant difference so don't burn yourself out trying to do it all.

Your kid probably won't 'prove all the doctors wrong', and that's okay. Realism is healthier than false hope."


"Tube-feeding isn't as bad as you fear it will be.

You don't have to do every intervention or therapy immediately (or at all)."


"She's alive. 

She is even stronger than you thought possible.

Trust your gut and buckle up!"


"Trust your intuition.

I would hug her, promise her that there are better days ahead, and tell her she's stronger than she knows."


"Stop with the 'traditional' or 'trendy' parenting. Just meet their needs, they are struggling too."


"Stop blaming yourself."


"You're stronger than you think, and you'll learn that very soon ❤️."


“He will wake up at the age of one and he will be happy. He will be so happy 🥰😭.”


"It's going to be okay."


"You will be stronger than you ever thought you could be."


"You will be her biggest advocate. Don't be afraid to fight for her."


"It will be both harder and easier than you imagined. And, somehow, it'll be okay in the end."


"Find the community that get it, and find them ASAP.

Find a safe space to grieve.

Don't try to predict something that hasn't happened. Let him tell you what he needs.

You only know what you know. Find ways to stay in the moment.

Omg, you are one tough mother! No one will advocate for him like you!

The amount of love will surpass everything you can imagine!"


"Learn to breathe through the hard times because they will pass."


"Let go of expectations and the experience will bring you so much joy."


"Don't let anyone steal your hope."


"You can do this. Life may be different but it will be so much more beautiful than you can imagine."


"Give yourself grace to feel every feeling. Everything will be okay 💕."


"Yes, it's a genetic syndrome. She'll have an amazing personality. It'll be hard but it'll be worth it."


"The magic will far outweigh your fear 💛.

This child will make you love harder than you ever though possible. Don't be scared."


"This is a journey. Believe your gut and love yourself through grace. He's a gift, and he's amazing."


"Stop trying to fix him and just enjoy him."


"1. You can do this.

2. Find her the best care possible. This will save her life.

3. Love on her."


"It's going to be okay."


"No matter what they say, she's going to surprise you!"


"You will both survive this, even if you don't think you can right now."


"You got this."


“It’s not your fault.”


“I wouldn’t tell her anything. I wouldn’t have been ready to hear anything to be honest.”


“I can be joyful in this situation, even during hard times. I will truly practice unconditional love.”


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