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August 2020 | Question of the Month
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It’s easy to smile and nod when our children’s therapists tell us what to work on each day between scheduled visits. But then life happens and actually doing what they assign can be quite the feat.

In response to this month’s Question of the Month, parents spill the beans on what helps them follow-through on their child’s therapist’s recommendations.

"I think watching them first and modeling the technique or idea makes it much easier to do it. Also, once I see my daughter get it, it makes me want to do it more."

—Emily Y.

"I think being involved during the therapy appointment, then asking them how they are doing those things and why, helps me. I like to be taught and understand the importance behind that specific piece of therapy, and what we are trying to accomplish. And then I try to set aside a day for each specific therapy. My son receives 5 (SP, PT, OT, vision, hearing). I'll try to add more things each day, but life is crazy. I work, I have two daughters as well that do competitive dance, and sometimes one therapy activity a day is all I can fit in. But I tell myself that making the effort to find time is what matters. I'm not super woman, either!"

—Corissa O.

"Tell them flat out that is too much...ask them what is the most important?"

—Mikael S.

"The parent has to feel it, visualize it and experience it for themselves so there is personal experience and understanding."

—Jamie S.

"Couple it with another thing. E.g. mealtimes mean finger stretches at our house."

—Rosalie M.

"We have a small whiteboard on the fridge with one-line reminders of recommendations."


"I feel like saying “when it’s realistic” sounds dumb but my son has a vision impairment and some therapy exercises required so many items and positions and quiet room and it felt demanding and nearly impossible with a dog and older child at home, when we talked and made things more realistic for our atmosphere we were able to do more successful exercises and I felt like it utilizes our time more effectively."

—Jessica L. (@loeyjessica)

"Scheduling and blocking out a time each day."

—Alyssa (@alyssanewt)

"Having time and the right tools to do it."

—Donia (doniadouglas)

"Failing my kid and the potential of what could be is not an option."

—Jessica B. (@jesbickford)

"When I have one or two specific things to work on. Too much new info gets overwhelming!"

—Bethany (@bethany.dalfino)

"Writing it on the calendar on specific days."

—Heather (@the.crowley.crew)

"Anchoring to a routine. Standing after dressing. Fine motor after lunch, etc."

—Bethany B. (@joyfulblondie)

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