Our Go-To Self-Soothing for Struggle

Jan 2022 | Question of the Month
Our go-to self-soothing during struggle

Scene: Your kiddo(s) is FINALLY in bed. You're exhausted, both psychically and emotionally. Your child had another appointment with a specialist earlier that day. Although it's routine and you didn't necessarily get bad news, the whole ordeal is a huge trigger to past bad news you've received and you're just feeling done with all of it. 

Sound familiar? I bet it does! This month, parents shared the ways that they soothe themselves on these types of days (or worse). 

Browse through the answers to remind yourself that there is NOTHING wrong with you if your go-to is some form of numbing out. We all do it (some more often than others). 
It's ok to soothe. 
It's ok to numb. 
You can have breaks from strong. 🧡

You can find the (very relatable) answers on the website (link in bio)!

And a huge s/o to each parent brave enough to share with us. You're the best! 🙌

"TW: Eating."


"Internal self-soothing (like imagining hugging a younger me and letting her cry)."


"Popcorn with a sh*tload of melted butter after the kids are asleep."


"Going to California Pizza Kitchen for my favorite salad and a couple glasses of wine 🍷.”


"Painting, crafting, or staying up way too late to watch a show I've been waiting for."


"Honestly, just a good cry in my car while listening to Taylor Swift."


"A long bath."


"The Office."


"Crocheting, knitting, and watching romantic comedies."


"Cooking or baking."


"Locking myself in the bathroom and watching TikToks for way too long."


"Yummy snacks when the kids finally sleep and snuggling in bed while playing games on my phone."


"Scrolling my socials and eating ice cream."


"I binge comfort food in my pajamas and immediately feel shameful and physically terrible."


"I just get into bed (ideally alone but my kids join me occasionally)."


"A bath with hot cocoa (oddly enough, I used to hate baths)."


"McDonalds 🤦‍♀️ (or Flaming Hot Cheetos and Dr. Pepper) and TV.”


"Singing and dancing to 2000's pop!"


"Scrolling Instagram. It's not great though because sometimes it stresses me out even more."


"Pimple popping videos 😬.”


"☕️ and ☀️.”


"Listening to loud show tunes on my drive home while munching on a salty snack."


"A vanilla milkshake!"


"Getting in a bath. If everyone is freaking out then we all jump in. Otherwise, it's a mama only 🛁.”


"Locking myself in my sewing room and making something nice for myself ❤️.”


"I pick at my skin, which is really awful. I'm now in therapy for it!"


"Either going for a walk through the forest or watching something. (I'm currently re-watching Lost!)"


"A ride on my peloton bike followed by a hot bath with a good book (or TikTok)."


"This happened to me recently and I just sat down, closed my eyes, and prayed."


"Watching a comfort movie or listening to sad music."


"A hot bath and a comforting cup of coffee/tea. I also enjoy just immersing myself in a book."


"Playing Tetris."


"A cup of coffee and mindlessly cleaning the house while listening to podcasts."


"Giving my baby a hug and telling her how grateful I am, regardless of the hard times we've gone through."


"Unfortunately, junk food 😭.”


"Drinking lots of coffee and doing the absolute minimum amount of work."


"Getting in the car and driving...basically running away for a little bit 😬.”


"Binge-watching TV shows."


"I love hiking. Seeing the beautiful view after the difficult uphill and then relaxing on the down hill is just perfect." 


"Loads of ice cream 🤦‍♀️.”


"Scrolling through Instagram."


"Ice cream and movies."


"Sitting on the floor of the shower and crying."


"Controlling the things I can, like cleaning the house, organizing everything, and prepping meals."


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