Our Favorite Self-care Practices

January 2021 | Question of the Month
our fave self-care practices

“Self-care”! What a buzz word, right? But it really, truly is critical. 

Why is it critical?

Well, what I’m about to say may surprise you: It’s critical because you are a human freaking being. 

Yup. I didn’t cite the all-too-common reason of making you a better caregiver for your family. I am the first to agree that I am 100% a better person all around when I’m giving myself loving care, but that is an amazing bonus. It is not the reason you deserve to be cared for.

As special needs parents, it is harder than anyone else to find the time to do things just for ourselves, but it is also that much more critical than the next person. So much is asked of us. I deserve me time. You deserve me time. We all deserve it, and we need to make it happen. 

It was so fun to read through these answers from moms in the trenches right along with us. My hope is that by browsing through these, you might not only get some ideas for yourself, but also that it may be a bit of a wakeup call and a reminder to take time just for you. 

Really, self-care is a mindset and I dearly hope that by taking it more seriously and by taking note throughout the day of the little things you can do to show yourself a little love, you’ll feel of your inherent worth as a human. Enjoy!

S/O to all that contributed! Thank you once again!

"Walking in nature."

—Chanlee S.

"Knitting while listening to a podcast or audiobook. Talking with a friend or family member who is a good listener."

—Amanda W.

"Taking a bath."


—Taylor S.

"Working out, even a 5-minute stretch, walks alone, binging my fave Netflix show."


"Taking care of my skin (love a good face mask)."


"Play Dungeons & Dragons (tabletop so I can walk away for a bit)."


"My brows! 😂🙈 They are as essential as coffee."






"Spending a little bit of time each night to do my skincare routine."


"Exercise, paint my nails, put down my phone, cancel appointments."


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