Impact on Marriage

May 2021 | Question of the Month
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As discussed in Episode 43 about marriage + medical-complex parenting, the “statistic” that we are higher risk for divorce is actually nonexistent and even disproven. But we can all attest to the extra stress and challenges we face in navigating this journey and it absolutely affects all of our relationships, including—maybe especially—our marriages/partnerships.

It was super interesting to read about how your romantic relationships have evolved and changed. Thanks to all who contributed on such a vulnerable topic to help us all feel less alone! 

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"It has deepened and grown our mutual love and respect for each other."


"It's gotten stronger and more understanding. We have a deeper respect for each other."


"We have become great partners to get it all done, but not a lot of time is leftover for us."


"We have become better teammates!"


"MUCH stronger. We are the only two people who truly know what we deal with on a daily basis."


"We're in separate worlds: our typical kid (almost 2) is his responsibility now and the baby is mine."


"It has made us closer and more distant simultaneously."


"Communication is so much better than before and I'm clearer with what I need."


"We've learned to lean on each other more and give each other more grace. We've lost ourselves in caring for our daughter. We rarely go out, just the two of us."


"We were a power couple. Now he's thriving at work and I'm a SAHM to be there for therapies."


"We HAVE to work as a team to make things work."


"Our emotional connection feels broken. He hasn't coped as well as I have and I resent him."


"It pushes you to limits you didn't know you had. Remember you are on the same team."


"We almost never go on dates anymore because of lack of trained caregivers. Roles are less strictly defined. We are a better team. Fights are shorter and end better."


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