How we support siblings

April 2021 | Question of the Month
how we support the siblings

Siblings are along for the ride when it comes to medically-complex and rare parenting. Their experience is different than their peers in a similar way as our experience is different from our peers. They’re often dragged along to medical and therapy appointments and get their own share of the trauma. In this month’s question, parents answer the question I feel like I’m constantly asking: How do you support your “typical” children? 

A huge thank you to all who contributed to this month’s question! To answer the current question, head here. 

"Dedicated one-on-one time. We call them 'Rory and Mommy adventures.'"


"Special dates with Mom/Dad, lots of communication, and a therapist to help with emotions."


"We take our daughter on outings and small trips without her brother along. We make certain our daughter knows she can come talk to us about ANY emotions she is feeling."


"We try to do regular one-on-one dates with each of them."


"Find time for their interests. Don't shy away from the medical explanations."


"I try to prioritize one-on-one time, even if it's only a few minutes each day."


"Lots of affirmation and my husband spends concentrated time with him."


"Activities outside of the house, just the two of us."


"Something we try to do as much as possible is to not drag him to many appointments. Although he's not the one being poked and prodded, it's still a lot. Also, we try and have special time set aside for him when we can. It's not always easy, but worth it."


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