Appointment Day Hacks

July 2020 | Question of the Month
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Appointment days can be super emotionally charged days—If you know, you know. Any or all of the following emotions are totally normal: Excitement, anxiety, guilt, pride, and gut-wrenching fear that past traumatic experiences are yet to be repeated. Toss travel time/COVID-made-popular virtual visits, and siblings in the mix, and well, we have every right to be stressed out. Enter appointment day hacks! Below are several TRL listeners’ tried and true hacks for helping the day move smoothly and emerge victorious!

Never leave home without snacks on appointment days. Pirate booty is usually the winner.

—Emily Y

Coffee from McDonalds and plenty of snacks to eat in the car seat. Our appointments are 5 hours one way and we usually make it a long day trip.

—Jessica B

“We bring a bag of randoms—play dough, small figures, a water wow book, crayons, notebooks, and books.”

—Melissa (@OurRealRareLife)

“I bring a travel potty to doctor visits to avoid using public toilets for my two potty training kids.”

—Kristine (@Krismgarg)

“I use reusable sandwich bags for syringes!”

—Anna (@TheBrainyMom)

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