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Hey! If you’re anything like me, you’re swamped in therapy and medical appointments.

To help with all the chaos, I created these printouts I affectionately call the Appointment Buddies. I want you to feel supported and on top of things, even if its just from a little sheet of paper. Even better, I hope that as you bring these along with you, you feel seen and know that you are not alone in this crazy life! You are a part of this awesome community, and we are right there with you.

Never forget that you are the most important part of your child’s care team.

There are sections for jotting down how you’re feeling about the upcoming appointment, your #1 objective for it, and questions/issues you want to discuss. There’s also a section for jotting down notes while in the appointment. 

Do the following steps to utilize the Appointment Buddies:

  1. Submit your email to have the PDFs sent to you directly.
  2. Print off as many copies as you might need (maybe something like 4,294,495?) of the therapy version and medical version. **
  3. Cut the papers on the dotted line (each sheet comes with two forms).
  4. Keep the stacks of Appointment Buddies accessible (maybe by your planner) so you can grab one and fill it out prior to appointments.
  5. Bring your filled-out sheets along with you and take notes while there.
  6. Recognize and appreciate all the love you put into caring for your child. Pat yourself on the back and do something for you.

**There are two different PDFs—one for medical appointments and the other for therapy appointments.

May these bring you peace of mind and help you feel on top of it all! 


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