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This is the raw, real, and all the feels of medically-complex parenting.

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75+ Messages of Gratitude

"Girl. Your podcast is changing my life. Thank you. My husband and I both started listening and it feels like our only source of feeling understood. "

@Meg.Dawley (Listener and Parent)

"As a first time mum of a rare babe I’m still finding my feet. And listening to you and others who are little further down the path of this journey is so helpful."

Halley @theo_and_dougie (Listener and Parent)

"Your podcast has shown me this beautiful healing that comes through vulnerability and connection."

Seeley Almeda @sleeley_lake (Listener and Parent)

"Thank you so much for this podcast. It is such a joy and encouragement to listen to."

@Magdelena_Shultz (Listener and Parent)

"I am in nursing school. I LOVE your podcast as a way to connect with how some of the families and caregivers feel."

@Amberpdidit (Listener and nurse)

Living with Sleep Deprivation w/ Jill Arneson (Rebroadcast) https://d3ctxlq1ktw2nl.cloudfront.net/staging/2023-5-1/332732190-22050-1-40fed6f439bf6.m4a


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68: Dipping My Toes into Educational Advocacy